John Argeseanu
John Argeseanu


Winter Blues

As you may know, this winter is nothing like last winter. That should be a good thing. If all the winters were the same it would probably suck. In this case this winter sucks, for the most part, anyway. In any case when the weather sucks it is much more likely that the person complaining sucks, which is true. Yesterday was the first time I attempted to take some good photos of the winter. I've only recently gone out into the snow because my Vitamin D level is almost 0, which is bad. Having a Mediterranean skin tone doesn't help either (that's what the docs call it, there is no such thing as  Black Sea skin tone for that matter).

I managed ONE decent photo of the whole day, which is the first in the batch below. I had a few others but they just didn't come out right meaning instead of just taking 20 photos of a subject thinking at least one, ONE, will come out good, just take one GOOD photo. I don't even know if the photo below is good or not, it's close is all I can say.

I know this thing called "patience", believe me, just that when it is 10 degrees (Fahrenheit) outside you're much more prone to button smashing and clinging to that "get the hell outta here" now!

So the other photos are from last year's trip to Romania. This year's big trip will be to Mongolia so I better get used to this cold-weather picture taking....

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