Sara the Lizard Queen

What would we do without friends who are there to help plant our gardens of growing talents? Sarah is one of those, for whom I owe a great debt of gratitude for helping me along in my work. If you have need of an actress, she may be the one for you!


Baby Shower in the Backyard

The other day, my housemate's family was having a baby shower in the backyard. It was a festive party, with several games that induced laughs and the occasionally cringe. These were anything from blindfolded dress-up of dolls, to chowing down baby-food while blindfolded, and using a paper ribbon to guess the circumference of the baby belly. Following that came the food and to top it off a few hours of dancing, challenging my housemate's dad to a dance-off which he hands down won! Anyway, I took a few shots during a break between the games, with just natural lighting.


Leo and the Pride Live!

At Bob and Barbara's, I saw Leo and the Pride play and shot their set. It was a refreshing mix of instruments, with original sound along with neat covers that you rarely hear. I mean, they sang System of a Down, who does that? Furthermore, they had the voice down too, that one that grabs you from the bottom of your feet like zombies in a graveyard!


Peru in Black and White

Peru is like a big box of Neapolitan ice cream. Chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry, all mixed into one gallon of deliciousness. Here are eleven black and white favourites, with a flavour all their own. The colours will follow suit soon.

The Accidents

There are photos that we take and fairly often agree that these appear to be mistakes. They are abstract, and upon first review one could easily discard them. This is what I envision people may say that are accustomed to formal photos that are clearly defined.

The set I have here is a sample from various locations, times, and cameras. They are accidents, wonderful accidents of course because I took them! If I think about some of them I might discard them, and then on second thought keep them. So why don't you decide on which ones you like, why, and let me know. 

March Hearsay Madness

We had a wicked time at the lastHearsay. I couldn't get photos of the last part where half the crowd was on all fours, or half-fours, or walking on arms, or you know, that kinda stuff, because I was in it... 

These shots were taken at ridiculously high ISO (for an OMD EM5) at 1600. I was using my new zoom lens, which is nowhere near as bright as my primes. But these don't seem too bad, just red and grainy, like my favorite (horrible pun warning) quinoa.


Manual Thursday Mic

With a small window of fair weather open, I stopped by the New Leaf last Thursday for a show. This time there were quite a lot more people and acts than the week before when we had a mini-circle-kirtan-kumbaya-jam. I can't think of anymore words to describe how awesome THAT was. 

So after going over some photography material, lessons, and such, I'm on a spree of doing everything in manual zoom with my prime lenses. In the beginning it is tough but at the same token it is far more rewarding. My compositions are slightly better as well as depth of field (thank you DOF preview button!).

Anyway, here are a few shots from the night, straight out of the camera. Great performance and a few interesting candids that were pure happenstance.

Winter Blues

As you may know, this winter is nothing like last winter. That should be a good thing. If all the winters were the same it would probably suck. In this case this winter sucks, for the most part, anyway. In any case when the weather sucks it is much more likely that the person complaining sucks, which is true. Yesterday was the first time I attempted to take some good photos of the winter. I've only recently gone out into the snow because my Vitamin D level is almost 0, which is bad. Having a Mediterranean skin tone doesn't help either (that's what the docs call it, there is no such thing as  Black Sea skin tone for that matter).

I managed ONE decent photo of the whole day, which is the first in the batch below. I had a few others but they just didn't come out right meaning instead of just taking 20 photos of a subject thinking at least one, ONE, will come out good, just take one GOOD photo. I don't even know if the photo below is good or not, it's close is all I can say.

I know this thing called "patience", believe me, just that when it is 10 degrees (Fahrenheit) outside you're much more prone to button smashing and clinging to that "get the hell outta here" now!

So the other photos are from last year's trip to Romania. This year's big trip will be to Mongolia so I better get used to this cold-weather picture taking....

Thursday Mic Filter Test

The New Leaf Club in Ardmore (Mainline) hosts a weekly open mic. Today was packed, there were 18 people on the list! The acts ranged from opera singer to banjos to reggae to guitars, there always are guitars.

I usually stay away from in-camera filters, those "art" modes that make sepia tone photos to black and white and the list goes on. But today I tried something different and went with a few of the choices to see what came out. I am impressed so far, especially the black and white.


Philly Photo Day Opening Reception 2013

I caught the reception for the Philly Photo Day Reception. The gallery is a collection of submissions from residents of Philadelphia. My good friend counted somewhere around 1400 photos in all. Whether that is true or not, there was a lot more photos than 365! Unfortunately I only came upon this after the submission deadline passed, but there is next year!

Best Buddies Concert at Prince Music Theatre

The wonderful organisation "Best Buddies", which works with kids and helping them cope, hosted a concert at the Prince Music Theatre in Philadelphia. The show was highlighted by the performance of Jarrod Spector, a talented Broadway performer. I was photographer for the event and found the night to be very entertaining. Best of all the kids enjoyed the show and were all standing up at the end and cheering on the music! 

Halloween at the New Leaf

This year's Halloween was spent amongst friends of the New Leaf Cafe in Ardmore, Pennsylvania. The weekly Thursday open-mic landed right on that day for a nice two in one celebration. The performers were spectacular, ranging from reggae to Mozart, and I closed out with the Long Black Veil, my first time ever singing on stage!

Saturday Night in New York

This past weekend I spent time with family and friends in New York. A good time with nothing crazy happening. I was expecting something crazy to happen, but it was just a regular night around my old stomping grounds.